Lali Espósito danced to the rhythm of Nicki Nicole’s new song and gave unpublished details of the recording: "I was…"

Nicki nicole is in a more than successful moment of his professional career, since a few days ago he released his new album “Part of me” and is about to face a tour of 30 countries.

In that sense, Lali Esposito celebrated the great present of Rosario, dancing on her Instagram stories to the rhythm of “Another night“, the new single that the girlfriend of Thunder made in collaboration with the Mexican band “Los Ángeles Azules”.

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In the shared clip you can see Lali in a good mood starting her day and enjoying the song while dancing in her room. Is that this time, Nicki she moved away from the genres of trap and reggaetón that characterize her and experimented with cumbia for the first time.

In the following story, the actress of “Sky Red“He revealed that he witnessed the moment the single was recorded.”I was in the studio when Nicki threw this flow and it was genuine. She came in and did ‘pum pum pum, pam pam pam’ and there we were a couple of friends on the other side, and she saying “I don’t know if it’s good”, she explained, acknowledging her friend’s unusual talent.

Check out what Lali had to say about Nicki Nicole with the Blue Angels!

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