Lali Espósito begins her tour with many famous guests: the details

In April, Lali Espósito announced that she would return to the stage to reconnect with her audience and her music. From that moment, the tickets began to sell out and her followers could not more than the emotion. It is for that reason, that the artist had to add more dates.

As reported the pavada of Daily Chronicle, the singer of “Discipline” She is finalizing all the details for the show of her life, according to her. You are also handing out invitations to your friends and co-workers. “The Argentine Voice”.

At the moment, it is unknown if there will be guest artists during the concert, but there will certainly be celebrities in the audience. Over there He invited Marley, who will surely attend with Mirko, his number 1 fan. Mau and Ricky are seeing if they arrive since they are still in Miami.

Soledad Pastorutti, her great partner in “The Argentine Voice”He promised that he would be present. The one who did confirm his presence was Palito Ortega, one of the co-coaches of the music reality show. For Lali Esposito It was a real emotion that the musician has accepted since he is an institution in the world of music.

Lali Espósito with the family of Palito Ortega, years ago.

While his fans wait for the big day, Lali Esposito will release his latest video clip with a new theme. You can see the acting participation of Leonardo Sbaraglia and Verónica Llinás.

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