Lake Cavedine, another naturalistic jewel torn from silence

Build, build, build, as long as money arrives. Yes, it is true, some land is being consumed, but the construction site will increase employment. Yes, it is true, some concrete will be poured, but what do you want … it is also true that the municipal coffers benefit from building costs. These are speeches that we have been hearing for years. Speeches focused only on economic logic, which at one time could be accepted. But what today they are Out of time. One of the traps that administrators fall into most often is that of being inconsistent with the territory. Making “out of place” choices.

It has been a long time since any business capable of generate profit she was welcome everywhere. For a couple of decades there has been talk of a territorial vocation. The development choices must be implemented in congruence with the specificity of the places. Obviously, indisputable premises for operating good territorial policies. Nonetheless, cases of highly inconsistent choices are everywhere, especially – I say – in the Alps.

The Valle dei Laghi, for example, is an Alpine area of ​​high landscape value, considered by travelers from Northern Europe as the gateway to the Mediterranean. This postcard setting it is located halfway between the Brenta Dolomites and Lake Garda. A naturalistic jewel, also due to the presence of a small lake located in the center of an extraordinary paleofrana. And how one blue eye dropped into a small desert of limestone stones. Is called Cavedine lake. A place dominated by the silence of lonely fishermen, by some cyclists who hiss along the road on the eastern shore and by climbers on the nearby cliffs. That’s all.

“Why don’t we relaunch Lake Cavedine?”, Someone asked. And so, after years of construction and despite the protests of WWF and Italia Nostra, he opened a new seaside resort. Some nights it turns into a disco, the music booms for miles and the street is invaded by cars. “You see! A blockbuster “, someone will say.

There are no absolute wrong choices, but inconsistent with the “vocation“Of places. An extra beach-disco in Rimini, Gabicce or Riva del Garda would have been very good, indeed it would have increased the offer. But why rape a place, one of the last, which was precious precisely because it has almost no tourist accommodation and why in the hands of silence? This is one of many examples of inconsistencies on our mountains. But we are no longer between the eighties and nineties. Someone notices it. And, fortunately, yes they raise the protests.

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