Laeticia Hallyday: her secret meetings with a businessman in Marnes-la-Coquette!

Laeticia Hallyday is forced to part with a large number of her properties… Indeed, in order to repay the tax debts left by her late husband, the mother of Jade and Joy notably sold her home in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles) and his house in Marnes-La-Coquette (Hauts-de-Seine) which once belonged to Johnny Hallyday.

The only problem? The sale of La Savannah (the house located in the Paris region in Marnes-La-Coquette) unfortunately takes much longer than expected for the mother of the family. Last April, our colleagues from Closer have also revealed that buyers who had made a proposal for 10 million euros had finally withdrawn due to lack of authorization from their bank…

A blow that pushed Laeticia Hallyday to meet other potential buyers… According to information from Mariannea new buyer would have appeared in the meantime: the businessman and property dealer Pierre Reynaud.

An offer of more than 8 million

According to our colleagues, the businessman would have made a purchase offer below the sale price since he would have offered 8,450,000 euros to the widow of the rocker.
An offer that Jalil Lespert’s companion would have accepted according to a letter from Sotheby’s dated June 14, 2022.

Also known for having been indicted for “extortion”, “bribery of foreign money” and “witness tampering” in the context of the case linked to the alleged Libyan financing of Nicolas Sarkozy, Pierre Reynaud intends to make La Savannah his “country house” once in his possession.

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Lisa Ziane

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