Laeticia Hallyday determined to "fire everyone" : the new sad revelations of a close friend of Johnny Hallyday

Despite his disappearance in December 2017, Johnny Hallyday is still in the heart of the news. Recently several of the women in his life have united for a good cause at an auction where Laeticia Hallyday separated from an incredible object that belonged to the rocker.

A few months after the broadcast of the documentary series Johnny by Johnny on Netflix, it is through a biography dedicated to Michel Berger that the Taulier was again quoted

Jean-Pierre Janiaud collaborated with Johnny Hallyday on three of his albums: Rock’n’roll Attitude (1985), Gang (1986) and Cadillac (1989). So he knew him very well. For Florent Alquier and his work Michel Berger, a life in songs which appears this Thursday, June 16 at the Hugo editions, he agreed to return to his relationship with the singer.

According to Jean-Pierre Janiaud, the one who recently sent a surprising and touching message to her mother for her 70th birthday would have done everything to keep her husband’s loved ones away. “His wife Laeticia did a lot of cleaning, not always appropriate around Johnny”said the sound engineer at first.

But that’s not all since he then judged the choices of Jade and Joy’s mother: “I was one of the last to be banished from her inner circle. She had only one thing in mind: to fire everyone. She did really well… and badly, I think.“.

This position hurt him a lot. Jean-Pierre Janiaud finally concluded by confident: “It pained me a lot. Whatever, that was it. I had many years of working with him on stage and in the studio, and he gave me a lot of pleasure”.

This is not the first time that a former collaborator of Johnny Hallyday denounces the actions of Laeticia Hallyday. This has already been the case during a documentary broadcast in 2021 on RMC Story. It remains to be seen if the beautiful blonde will react to all this… Not sure that she likes it in any case!


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