"lady killer": Claudia Obert raves about sex with Max (24)

Claudia Obert (60) is totally in love with her Max! A few days ago, the unequal couple made their happiness public: Since then, the two have been talking about their relationship quite openly and can hardly keep their hands off each other publicly. Accordingly, the 24-year-old has spent almost every night on reality TV for six weeks. And it’s certainly not just about sleeping: now spoke Claudia and Max candidly about their love life.

Of course, the age difference between the two of them is immediately obvious – but that only seems to be an advantage in the bedroom. “Claudia has a lot of experience. She knows exactly what she’s doing,” enthused Max picture. The fashion entrepreneur, in turn, benefits from the youth of her new lover: “I’m totally turned on that he’s such a stone cold lady killer.” But of course she doesn’t have to get in shape for the Casanova. “My shape is so good, it’s good enough for every man in the world, no matter how old, I don’t need to get in shape first,” the 60-year-old made it clear.

Whether Max is her youngest toy boy with a 36-year age difference can Claudia so don’t say it at all. “I won’t let them show me my ID”, she made clear. It’s now clear to everyone that age doesn’t matter for the boutique owner: “If it bangs, then it bangs!”

Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

Claudia Obert in August 2021 in Ibiza

Lenthe, Andre/ActionPress

Claudia Obert and Max, July 2022 in Hamburg

Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

Claudia Obert, TV fame

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