Lady Diana had "guarantors of her virginity" : the horrible public unboxing

August 31 will mark the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. The mother of princes William and Harry, was 36 years old, and succumbed to a violent car accident, in the streets of Paris, while she was pursued by the paparazzi. An interest on the part of the media which was fatal to him and which had started well before his marriage to Prince Charles…

“Her father, uncle and others vouch for her virginity

This is what a documentary called The Princesswhich will be in theaters on Wednesday August 31 and Sunday September 4, in France, and that our colleagues from Current wife have seen. We talk about the frenzy that preceded the royal wedding in London. Buckingham Palace had announced the engagement on February 24, 1981. If we remember in particular a photographer who had taken advantage of the naivety of the future bride, to take a picture of her at work, in a transparent skirt, this n isn’t the only dirty talk that could have circulated about Diana…

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Our colleagues take up in particular a comment below the belt made by a journalist at that time. He would have said at the time concerning the young woman not yet 20 years old: “She is said to be very fond of him. She is described as being sweet, kind, pretty, and shy. Her father, uncle and others vouch for her virginity“.

A display that is surprising today, and yet, at the time, the Crown attached a lot of importance to it… This is how Prince Charles was refused to marry Camilla Shand, whose yet he was very much in love. He had seen Diana imposed on him, (whom he only saw 13 times before the wedding) so that she would ensure him an heir (and his replacement) to the throne of the United Kingdom.

From fairy tale to tragedy

Finally, the great ceremony of “wedding of the century” took place in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on Wednesday July 29, 1981 and had been watched by 750 million viewers. That day, Diana Spencer arrived with her father Earl Spencer, in a Glass carriage previously used to the coronation of King George V in 1911. In all, 750 million viewers followed the event on television.On screen, Lady Diana walked the red carpet for three and a half minutes, with a trail of approximately eight meters long.A story initially told as a fairy tale, which ended in tragedy.


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