Lady Chokey loses 92 pounds and shows before and after: "Today I’m my best version"

After a third surgery to remove excess skin from having lost 92 kg, the digital influencer Lady Chokey totally changed your look. The trans gamer, in addition to having silicone implants in the six, now also has beautiful extensions on her hair. Lady, who is 1.85 tall and once weighed 202 kg, is currently weighing 110 kg. She even underwent abdominoplasty, removal of excess skin from her thighs, removal of excess skin from her breasts and arms, liposuction on her back and a graft in the buttocks.

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In a conversation with the “Who“, she commented: “I never had self-esteem problems, I started thinking about losing weight for my health. I knew I could die from the problems caused by being overweight. As my body changed, I found myself going down a path where the mirror began to be my greatest ally. That’s when I discovered that I could go further and make my body an example that focus and determination can take you higher than you think. Today I am my best version. My next achievement is being a mother.”

In January, also in an interview with Quem, the young woman revealed that the weight loss happened after she radically changed her diet, also adopting the practice of physical exercise with the monitoring of the orthomolecular doctor João Marcello Branco and the nutritionist Renata Pigliasco Branco. “It’s no use cutting back here and there and continuing with the same habits. You have to change everything together, inside and out,” she said at the time, still commenting that she admitted to needing therapy because of her “virtual affective dependence”.

“During the quarantine, with the social isolation, my relationships were all virtual and this brought me a huge emotional dependency. This whole crisis also caused me a kind of phobia about social contact. When I realized that this would directly affect my social life, so much in both affective and friendly relationships, I decided to seek psychological help,” explained Lady Chokey.

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