"Lack of respect", "It’s provocation" : the production of "Dance with the stars" "without mercy" with Denitsa Ikonomov!

Since last September, Denitsa Ikonomova joined the jury of “Dance with the stars”, alongside Chris Marques, Jean-Paul Gaultier and François Alu. A role that suits him perfectly. For Denitsa Ikonomova, the year ends better than it started. Already because the show “Dance with the stars” has made a comeback on TF1 after two years of absence due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19. But also because the pretty brunette would have known heartaches in early 2021.

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If an insistent rumor lent him a relationship with actor Rayane Bensetti, it would be over today. Especially since the actor was seen very close to the comedian Camille Lellouche in a video relayed on social networks. This is why it would be surprising if the two women were on good terms at the moment.

But what TF1 viewers have noticed is that it’s been two times that the production of DALS has chosen to make candidates dance to songs by Camille Lellouche. Example this Friday, November 19, 2021, during the last bonus of “Dance with the stars”. It is Tayc and Fauve Hautot who produced a contemporary on the title “N’insiste pas” by Camille Lellouche. A choice that made viewers react a lot on Twitter.

“You really don’t respect Denitsa to hand over a Camille song and do a close-up on her”, “Denitsa she’s strong to put up with that for the second time”, “Camille Lellouche’s 2nd song of the season … C ‘is provocation “,” I am shocked at the lack of respect towards Denitsa with the song by Camille Lellouche “,” Camille Lellouche for the second time in DALS, Denitsa in PLS “,” MDR they want to kill us Denitsa with Camille Lellouche “, note many Internet users. The production of “Dancing with the Stars” has drawn the wrath of Twitter!


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