Lack of lifeguards, the National Association of lifeguards: “Is it the fault of citizenship income? Absolutely false “

Shortage of lifeguards? Many professionals change jobsbecause ours is an underpaid category especially compared to criminal liability that you have. If someone finds something else, he moves on to other areas. We are the third category at risk for occupational diseases from solar radiation, the hourly wage is around 7-8 euros and can even reach 3-4 euros for some contracts. Is it the fault of the citizenship income? It is absolutely false“. These are the words spoken to the microphones of “What happens in the city”on Radio Cusano Campus, from Nico Massarinvice president ofNational Association of Bathing Assistantsabout the alarm of the bathing union of Confcommercioaccording to which the appeal in Italy is at least lacking 4 thousand lifeguardsequal to about 30-40% of what would be needed on a national scale.

Massarin points out: “We need to renew the national contract that has been inactive for decades and eliminate those contracts that are forms of slavery and which provide very low wages without contributions, without sickness, without holidays. These are contracts that also cover lifeguards who work all year round in the pools. Our association is moving on this. The truth is that they would like professionals who appear out of nowhere in the summer and disappear in the winter – he explains – but it can’t be like that. So, in the end, the kids arrive who go to school in the winter and dedicate themselves to this profession in the summer. The paradox is that there are my 30-40 year old colleagues with competence and experience, who take less money than 16-17 year olds, because the latter have less withholding in their paychecks. Yet, the contract says this ”.
About the Basic income cited as the cause of the lack of lifeguards, Massarin is tranchant: “Absolutely false. We are not talking about people at the gas barrel who act as lifeguards as a last resort. We are talking about trained people who have patents, who know how to use defibrillators, who know how to do a heart massage “.


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