Laced dress and no underwear: half naked to travel, this former Miss who almost got kicked out of a flight gets annoyed on Instagram

Correct outfit required ! A sign that we see in front of many establishments and in particular nightclubs. Indeed, entering a disco without being at least well dressed is a feat and is even impossible. Ditto for the very famous restaurants. On the other hand, what you might not know was the fact that even when you board a plane, you have to dress decently. Proof of this is with this former Miss Universe who had a bad experience a few days ago, as relayed by our colleagues from Gala.

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This is Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2013 who went to the Mexican seaside resort of Cabo with her sister Aurora and her companion, Christian Mc-Caffrey. The group was about to board their American Airlines flight when they were faced with a refusal from the latter. The reason ? The fact that the former beauty queen wore “inappropriate” attire. If the beauty wanted to board the plane, she had to cover herself more. A request that greatly annoyed the main concerned and in particular her sister, Aurora, who did not fail to film the scene to broadcast it on social networks.

Videos in which we can observe Olivia Culpo wearing black cycling shorts. As well as a low-cut black bra, probably the main reason for the refusal, and a long open black jacket. “She is well dressed like that, her outfit is suitable, no. She was called to the boarding counter where she was told to put on an extra layer or she wouldn’t be able to board. Tell me that’s not not completely crazy!” The sister of Miss Universe 2013 got angry. The latter was finally able to take her flight. Well arrived at destination, the beauty was then able to wear the outfits she wanted and in particular a laced dress without underwear, probably to send a message to the company having delayed her for her stay. A rather daring outfit that will undoubtedly not fail to react.

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