Labor inspectors without wage adjustment, between the promising ministry of labor and the slowing down economy

“And yet it moves …”, was the headline of the unitary union communiqué dated 13 June announcing the imminent recognition of the payroll adjustment also to employees of theNational Labor Inspectorate andActive Policy Agency, the only ones excluded among all workers with the ministerial contract. The Ministry of Labor, which at the table with the unions had announced the amendments that the Democratic Party would have presented to the Chamber and the Senate to resolve the issue through the modification of a decree law being converted in the parliamentary halls. So much so that it seemed like a done deal. Instead “something is not right”, headlines the press release todayBasic trade union union. Because the proposed amendment to decree law 36 on the NRP, also supported by the M5s, was rejected by the State General Accounting Office which judged it lacking in terms of economic coverage. In short, to slow down the impetus of the Ministry of Labor is that of the Economy and Finance, with a decision that surprised even the first signatory of the amendment, Senator dem Tommaso Nanniciniwho declares that he “does not share the financial motivation given that the operation was for the State at no cost“. “Obviously – comments the Usb pointing the finger at the Ministry of Labor – it is not possible to exert political force to take the decisive step”.

“At the table with the Ministry of Labor we are at boiling point and it is clear that there is something wrong”, writes the Usb in the latest statement, which compares the workers of Inl and Anpal to the famous philosopher’s frog Noam Chomsky, the one that by dint of patience loses the ability to react and ends up boiled in the pot. The question of non-recognition of the administration allowance introduced by the government for all other ministerial employees at the end of 2021, it has already been the subject of strikes and a state of unrest suspended only in the face of the commitments of Minister Andrea Orlando, who promised immediate disbursement until the end of 2022 (contained in the aforementioned amendments), but also the stabilization of the measure from January 2023 and the recognition of all arrears not received through the next budget law. But “the amendment signed by the Pd group in the Senate and also signed by the senators of the M5S was skipped due to the remarks expressed by the State General Accounting Office”, writes the Usb in the statement.

How much money are we talking about? Just 11.5 million euros for Inl and 200,000 euros for Anpal. This would cost the administration allowance for the remaining months of 2022. But not to the State, because it would be financed with the 2021 budget surplus of the same two entities. And in fact, according to the ministry, the coverage for the current year must have been the least of the problems. “I am the first to be disappointed,” says Senator Nannicini. “Using the budget surplus of the same entities means solving the matter at no cost to the state,” he explains, recalling that the IN was established without additional charges for the state. “But noIt would not be the first time that the screening of the covers is faced with superficialityand I hope that the government will intervene to take on the unfair treatment that it continues to create among other things union tension which blocks the activity of the two agencies with costs, yes, to be borne by the community “. In short, if the Ministry of Labor wants to save face the question must be defined in advance by the government. Also why, he asks Giorgio Dell’Erba, director of the national USB coordination and labor inspector, “if we block already for 11 million this year, what will happen when the structural intervention for the coming years and the recognition of arrears will be included in the budget law?” . And he adds: “We are among civil servants the least paid onesthe only ones excluded from equalization despite our contract being identical to that of many other colleagues and the fact that, paradoxically, it is up to us to check the correctness of the labor market “.

The ball now passes to the Chamber of Deputies, where an amendment to the Aid decreeto be examined on June 30th. “It is very likely that the reserves (of the State General Accounting, ed) also fall on the amendment to the Aid law decree, given that the proposed amendment is presented in the same way “, worries the Usb. “But noIt would not be the first time that another identical amendment passes the scrutiny because in the meantime a further one has been made deepening“, Nannicini hopes. And he adds: “If someone says it can’t be done then tell us howand if from Ministry of Economy and Finance have proposals for reformulation we are ready to welcome them “. Meanwhile, however, the tones are exasperated and patience ends. And the Usb declares that “the suspension of the state of agitation, declared jointly, it is overtaken by events“. While to Orlando he dedicates harsh words: “We have given confidence to the minister, committing ourselves to the table with our signature, but let it be clear that we will not end up boiled and that now is really the time to” raise the tone and the level of dialogue “”. And then: “If the right to an allowance adjustment has never been questioned, it is equally clear that it is not possible to exercise political force to take the decisive step. An institution like the Ministry of Labor is credible for the measures it actually adopts and not for those it promises to implement “

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