“La Voz Kids”: Joey Montana’s emotional message to say goodbye to Peru

“The voice Kids” It reached its final stage on Wednesday, November 17, where little Gianfranco Bustios was the winner of the season.

After a final of heart attack, the Panamanian Joey Montana took to his Instagram account to express his gratitude for the opportunity he was given to coach Latina’s “La Voz Kids”.

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“First of all I want to thank this beautiful country for opening its doors to me, its heart and treating me as if I were just another Peruvian. Its culture, its warmth, its people; I loved them, but now much more ”, Montana said.

“To fellow coaches, what an honor to share this show with you, thank you for your love and for teaching me so much, the voice team, thank you for inviting me and for supporting me in every step To all the children who trusted me and were part of the #TeamJoey, thank you for your trust, I love you very much ”, added the singer.

Finally, Joey Montana said a few words to Fernanda rivera, a member of his team who managed to be a finalist in “La Voz Kids”.

“To Fernanda Rivera for believing in herself and exceeding in each of her presentations, I hope this is just one stage in your incredible career and that you never doubt your talent again”, concluded.


Ayacuchano Gianfranco Bustios won “La Voz Kids”

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