La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7: Hilona ready to participate in the show to forget Julien Bert? We know more

The Villa of Broken Hearts 7

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Credit: Instagram @aqababe

Could Hilona participate in La Villa 7 to forget Julien Bert? Here is what it is.

To believe this huge tackle which has not gone unnoticed on the Web, Hilona is disgusted by men. It must be said that the sentimental life of the candidate of Marseillais vs The Rest of the World 6 has not always been easy. She first experienced a breakup with Illan before experiencing a new love disappointment with Paga. But it is undoubtedly her story with Julien Bert that remains in people’s minds and from which she suffered a lot. Over time, their relationship was punctuated by breakups and then reunion until the couple said goodbye to each other a few months ago.

Hilona ready to participate in La Villa 7? – Credit (s): Instagram @aqababe

But then, forgetting a relationship is not easy and does not happen overnight, especially when an engagement has taken place. Moreover, many Internet users are convinced thatHilona has a lot of trouble recovering from her story with Julien Bert and she can’t stand the fact that the latter gets closer to other girls. Can we therefore assume that the young woman will soon participate in a new program to cure her heartache and move on?

Hilona at the casting of La Villa 7?

This is the question that comes up more and more on the Web and for good reason, an Internet user asked Aqababe during a new question and answer session on Instagram whether Hilona was going to do television again or not. Why not The Villa of Broken Hearts 7 to meet Lucie and settle a love problem? Very cash, the blogger said: “According to her, no. She’s going into fashion and she’s good so why not”. You will understand, the young woman would therefore rather be keen to focus on her professional projects and would not leave room on TV for the moment.

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