La Tigresa Acuña, about her passage through "MasterChef Celebrity 3": "I am used to criticism"


As soon as the 16 participants for “ MasterChef Celebrity 3″, many fans were surprised with the choice of the production to add the renowned boxer Marcela “La Tigresa” Acuña to the list of celebrities for this new season.

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However, the participant of the gastronomic reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro He left everyone open-mouthed with his spicy stamp, funny personality and great culinary qualities in front of the cameras.

In dialogue with, La Tigresa analyzed the positive comments of the viewers of the Telefe cycle: “I think people were very surprised by this culinary side of mine. Very few people knew that I cooked. “

In that sense, one of your most important secrets to stay calm in the kitchen and finish with good results in all challenges isnot go crazy and try that the dishes are not so elaborated: simple and eye-catching. Do not serve it as if you were at home and give it color, volume and details “.

La Tigresa Acuña was very happy for the large number of positive messages for her participation in '<a href =MasterChef Celebrity 3 ‘. “Data-height =” 449 “data-width =” 800 “data-size =” w: 800, h: 449 “hspace =” 5 “vspace =” 5 “title =” La Tigresa Acuña se He was very happy for the large number of positive messages for his participation in ‘MasterChef Celebrity 3’. “src =” _adb1217_2_crop1637861385061.jpg_695311890.jpg “width =” 800 “height =” 449 “>
La Tigresa Acuña was very happy for the large number of positive messages for her participation in “MasterChef Celebrity 3”.

Although the athlete “it defends itself very well with proteins such as meat, chicken or fish “and he is not afraid of plating, his weakness “It is the pastry”. It is for this reason that Marcela attended several cooking classes with “friends who are chefsand is very open to suggestions from professionals.

Regarding the returns of the demanding jury of “MasterChef Celebrity 3“, Acuña reflected on its importance:”The comments of Germán (Martitegui) are much spicier than those of Damián (Betular) and Donato (De Santis). I don’t take them badly, your point of view is very important in order to improve. I am used to criticism and I learn from them, so I get along. You have to take everything more relaxed because If you take it badly, it doesn’t add up“.

In addition, although the culinary competition has been filming for almost two months, La Tigresa continues to be amazed at having been summoned for the third season: “At first I was very surprised, although I watched the previous seasons of the show, not religiously, I never thought they were going to call me to participate. It was a tremendous joy to know that I was going to be there because I cook for my family and friends and everyone told me that I had to be there“.

La Tigresa Acuña with Little Pareto, the two athletes from '<a href =MasterChef Celebrity 3 ‘. “Data-height =” 404 “data-size =” w: 720, h: 404 “data-width =” 720 “hspace =” 5 “src =” /export/sites/cronica/img/2021/11/25/tigresa_y_peque_crop1637862364045.jpg_262877654.jpg “title =” La Tigresa Acuña along with Peque Pareto, the two athletes from ‘MasterChef Celebrity 3’. “vspace =” 5 “>
La Tigresa Acuña with Peque Pareto, the two athletes from “MasterChef Celebrity 3”.

´ MasterChef Celebrity 3´ is totally different from anything I had ever imagined. I did not imagine that it was going to be something so important. I thought it was going to be something much more relaxed and relaxed, but being there changes everything “, added in dialogue with this medium.

Regarding the possibility of reaching the final, the fighter was very positive: I am focused on that, but I don’t know against whom because they all cook very well. We are literally gouging our eyes out to squeeze out as much imagination as possible during the competition. It is striking that everyone cooks so well, then you never know who can stand out in the moment and who can go home.

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The WhatsApp group of “MasterChef Celebrity 3” participants:

I knew some of them personally, others from television, but I get along great with everyone. The human group that was formed this season is impressive. We all get along really well, I never saw anything out of place. They created a WhatsApp group and we chatted all day, whether we record or not “, highlighted the boxer from her fellow reality shows.

La Tigresa Acuña with some of her companions from '<a href =MasterChef Celebrity 3 ‘. “Data-height =” 432 “data-size =” w: 768, h: 432 “data-width =” 768 “hspace =” 5 “src =” /export/sites/cronica/img/2021/11/25/masterchef_celebrity_3_1_crop1637861858117.jpg_1153215351.jpg “title =” La Tigresa Acuña with some of her colleagues from ‘MasterChef Celebrity 3’. “vspace =” 5 “>
La Tigresa Acuña with some of her companions from “MasterChef Celebrity 3”.

And he closed by emphasizing the great camaraderie that reigns in the Telefe competition: “Although each one is competing with the other, the atmosphere is super relaxed. There is that feeling of competitiveness. We work a lot as a team And I think that adds up when it comes to facing ourselves. There is a lot of solidarity. We all try to help each other“.


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