La Suisa sues Snapchat for copyright recovery

The Swiss copyright management company Suisa accuses the social network Snapchat of not remunerating the authors and music publishers it represents. She announced Thursday the opening of legal action against the platform for copyright infringement.

This action follows repeated attempts to license Snapchat, where many music tracks appear on videos, subsidiary Suisa Digital said in a statement.

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Only network without contract


Snap Inc., the company that owns Snapchat, has so far refused to pay while thousands of songs from Suisa Digital’s repertoire are used on the platform, the Swiss company argues. She therefore filed a civil action against Snap with the Hamburg Regional Court in Germany in order to obtain adequate compensation for its perpetrators.

Impossible for the moment to estimate the shortfall that the absence of a contract represents, according to Céline Evéquoz of the legal department of Suisa contacted by Keystone-ATS. Snapchat is the only network to have refused a contract with Suisa Digital, which has already agreed licenses with 80 online platforms.

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