La Mif: Season 2 being filmed? This photo says it all

The Mif flops on Mycanal? Carla Moreau says it all. And currently, the candidates for this new show are filming for season 2 … It is on Kevin Guedj’s Snapchat account that we were able to discover it. It turns out that Maissane posted a snap of the young dad with a camera on his shoulder and the latter shared it. And on this post, we can read: “season 2”. So it’s official: The Mif will soon come back to Mycanal! And maybe there will be new cast for this season … In any case a few weeks ago, Carla Moreau had asked Internet users which candidates they would like to see on the show!

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In the middle of filming! – Credit (s): Snapchat kevs2309

So if for the first season, the candidates of The Mif had for mission to prepare the birthday of Ruby, one wonders well what they will do for season 2 … To the writing of melty, we imagine that they could prepare the wedding of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj. A wedding which should take place by the end of the year!

As a reminder, the wedding of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj will be broadcast on C8. And we suppose that the couple will put the small dishes in the big ones for this event! In a completely different register, know that Carla Moreau has unveiled new photos where she appears transformed and many Internet users have reacted.

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