La Chola Chabuca invited “Gallo Claudio” to celebrate his 30 years on television

Being the leading program in its time slot, “El Reventonazo de la Chola” is preparing a special program to celebrate the Weddings of Perla la Chola Chabuca on television with luxury musical guests such as Dina Paucar and Yahaira Plasencia, in addition to a versus of the hosts of “Hablando Huevadas”, Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza.

But not only that, but to celebrate Ernesto Pimentel, creator of the beloved character, for his 30-year television career, they chose as ‘chamberlain’ of the Chola Chabuca the recently famous rooster Claudio, who will also be in the space that is broadcast by América Televisión.

”I found out like everyone else about the nice rooster Claudio through the news, seeing how his owner fought for him and showing the love she has for him, I did not think twice about inviting him to have him in this special program”assured the popular Chola.

This edition of “El Reventonazo de la Chola” brings the celebrations for the three decades of the character who since 1992 has been on television showing his talent. In that sense, the creator of Chola Chabuca, Ernesto Pimentel, expressed his joy at being able to continue entertaining on the screens of América TV.

”The effort is constant and it fills us with joy that the public supports us every Saturday. I thank my colleagues who do their best. We have for a while on television because the affection of the people is great “said Pimentel, who returned to the stage in style as Chola Chabuca to host a cumbia event after her hip transplant.


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