La China Suárez and Rusherking, together again: the details

Since the end of his relationship with Benjamin Vicuna, China Suarez She was involved in several love scandals. The most important was the controversy of the Wanda Gate, after it was the third in discord between Mauro Icardi Y Wanda Narawhile in recent weeks was also linked to Rodrigo DePaul, after his breakup with Camila Homs. But the actress turns a deaf ear to her transcendence and she enjoys being single and now, she was seen enjoying the Buenos Aires night with Rusherking.

This is the second time they see the actress with the ex-boyfriend of Mary Becerra. At the first opportunity, they went to eat a vegan hamburgera: “They tell me that last Friday they were face to face eating a hamburger, and that they were traveling, or they coincided by chance.”

China Suárez, involved in a scandal.

Now the actress and rushing They repeated a dinner at a popular Costanera restaurant on Thursday night and then took the opportunity to go out dancing at a well-known bowling alley in the area in front of Aeroparque that reopened, and which was attended by other figures such as pampita Y Jacob Von Plessenwho assure that he separated from Zaira Nara.

so reported Karina Iavicoli in “Partners of Shows”. In this regard he warned: “They were having dinner together, back and then they went bowling at Tequila“, said the journalist who assures that it is a new romance of China Suarez. It will be?

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