“La 1-5 / 18”: Lali González returned to Argentina after her relaxing vacation in Paraguay

Lali González She is one of the cast members of “1-5 / 18 that causes more furor among Argentine viewers. With his charisma and his spark, in his first role within the country, the Paraguayan actress managed to win the affection of the public, and it is already shaping up to be one of this year’s revelations on the small screen.

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All this success was accompanied by a great sacrifice, which meant leaving his native country and his loved ones. Therefore, after several months filming in Buenos Aires, Lali took a well-deserved vacation in Paraguay, along with her husband and daughter Rafaela. The actress shared on her social networks the best postcards of the landscape of her country of origin, and was shown enjoying the sun in a bikini and the pool at home.

Now, as reported “La Pavada” of the Chronicle Diary, the fictional figure of El Trece packed his bags and returned to Argentina to join back to the recordings of the novel that stars with Gonzalo heredia, Esteban Lamothe and Agustina Cherri.

When she returned to the filming set, she was very happy after the trip she made to recharge in the best way, accompanied by her family. Without a doubt, this pleasant rest in his native land was a great help to continue with his character. Rita, which is a hit in prime time.

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