L-Ghent spoke about his daughter Jamaica’s exhibition: "I do not want that…"

L-Gante He is going through a great professional moment, since he is the artist of the moment and everyone wants to collaborate with him, as well as an emotional personal stage, due to who became a Jamaican dad 2 months ago.

But one of his followers questioned him on Instagram why he did not show his daughter so much, while her mother Tamara Báez shares the baby’s face almost every day, so the artist answered honestly.

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“(I do not upload photos of Jami) because Jamaica is a baby and I do not want them to be ‘choluleando’ with my daughter, or for it to be ‘show business’. My idea is that she grows up calm and like a normal girl“was L-Gante’s reply on Instagram.

Look at L-Ghent’s reply on the Jamaica exhibition

L-Ghent’s word on Jamaica.

Jamaica turned 2 months old and there was a great celebration organized by Tamara Báez

With a decoration in purple tones, the baby was entertained by the presence of her relatives, a rich catering and a little dress in the shape of a tutu.

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