L-Ghent had to suspend a show: the reasons

L-Gante he is on tour throughout the country. Day by day his fame does not stop growing, especially for his new song that he released with Tini Stoessel. Also, many people travel with him so that his shows go perfectly.

On Saturday, November 20, the singer was in saint Louis to perform the concert that I had agreed to, but in the middle of the show he had to cancel it. The interpreter of “Malianteo 420” I was singing one of his songs until some fans took the stage and began to touch the dancers’ tails.

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Against this, the victim of harassment did not hesitate for a second to tell the singer and it was he himself who decided to suspend the concert at that very moment. Despite the briefness of the show, Jamaica He managed to sing his most listened to and favorite songs of his audience.

Despite the incident they lived through, a few days ago L-Ghent announced that it will launch its own series. It will be financed by the National Government and produced by Kuarzo Entertainment Argentina S.A.

L-Ghent in concert.

It still does not have a release date, but the recordings will start shortly. The idea is to film the day to day of the musician, both his concerts and his family, friends and especially with his daughter.

Check out the video of L-Ghent suspending his show!

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