L-Ghent and a strong dollar bet for a play match: the video

Since the start of 2022, L-Gante He traveled to the Atlantic Coast to continue giving shows in the summer season in the different seaside towns. However, in the life of the singer of “Cumbia 420” not everything is work.

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In the last hours, the interpreter was seen starring in a party in the luxurious house he rented in Pinamar, in which it hosts together with Tamara Baez, his daughter Jamaica and a group of friends. Lights, music and dance was what the artist himself recorded and shared through his Instagram stories.

However, that same night he also had the pleasure of play play with your friends and place bets in dollars. This was shown on his social networks and showed that there were two bills of the 100 foreign currency on the floor, while he was competing with an opponent in video games.

All fuck around here“, it is seen written in the history of the account of L-Ghent that reposted of another friend.

Watch the video of L-Gante playing the game and betting in dollars at his luxurious house in Pinamar!

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