L-Ghent, again linked in a complaint: the reasons

L-Gante He has been facing a lot of popularity in recent months thanks to his musical success, which is complemented by his charisma and humility. However, he is at the center of several controversies, either for him or for issues related to his work team. After being charged with theft while filming his latest music video, you could have another problem in the law.

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The singer of General Rodríguez it appeared in Neuquén with two dates that had a lot of repercussion. In addition, he toured the city in a convertible car with a caravan of people who followed him to celebrate his presence. Anyway, not everything was rosy as the vehicle did not have a license plate during the tour.

According to what the LM Neuquén media reported, he was a fine to the driver but he ran away, just received the notification. In addition, the penalty also included poor parking at the Presidente Perón Airport, where they waited for Elian Valenzuela along with many followers.

Although the artist was not aware of what happened, he has not yet expressed himself on his social networks. After touring different parts of the country, he took the opportunity to meet again with Tamara baez, his girlfriend, and Jamaica, his daughter.

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