L-Gante was shown with an extravagant suitcase on his tour of Paris: what is his model and how much does it cost?

After being in the news for his unexpected approach to Daniela of “Big Brother 2022”, L-Ghent is carrying out a tour of Europewhere you visited Amsterdam, London and Paris with his music. This is how the singer of cumbia 420, who prepares his new song with the Mexican artist Screw Vazquez, was shown wearing an exclusive suitcase, which generated all kinds of comments among his followers.

L-Gante during the recording of his video clip with Tornillo Vázquez!

From time to time the artist who reawakened romance rumors with Wanda Nara after a flirtatious crossing in networks, usually gives people talk with their extravagant acquisitions. A while ago, I I buy one Ferrari at a millionaire price and generated a mystery about how he got the dollars to pay for it.

In the last few hours L-Ghent shared a photo in their stories of instagram, where he is seen wearing a very particular baggage. It is a suitcase POGA LUXa case exclusively created to carry the PlayStation safely and does not receive any damage.

L-Gante with his exclusive POGA LUX suitcase to transport his PS5. Photo: Instagram (lgante_keloke).

“The POGA LUX features a high-quality foam inlay, specially designed to securely hold both the PS5 drive Like the digital editions. The trolley system makes it easy to transport and is completely removable if you prefer to carry the suitcase by hand”detailed on the product website.

One of its peculiarities of the article is that iincludes a monitor 24-inch AOC, to play without having to look for any external equipment such as a monitor. Furthermore, it is widely used by soccer playerswho do not hesitate to choose it for their constant travels.

How much does the bag in question cost? It is valued at 969 euros, that is, about 362 thousand Argentine pesos if one considers the value of the euro blue.

This is the elegant suitcase that L-Gante showed on his tour of Europe. Photo: Instagram (/ lgante_keloke).

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