L-Gante and Tamara Báez hired custody for their daughter Jamaica: the reasons

L-Gante faces a lot of popularity thanks to the success he has with his musical career. The hits he released in recent months made him one of the most relevant artists of today, something that may also have its negative side. His daughter Jamaica was two months old and it already has a particularity that surprised its followers.

Like the singer, Tamara baez, his girlfriend, shows his routine on social networks. The contact with his fans is constant and he even generated a certain confidence to ask striking questions. The young woman usually shares the walks she takes with the baby and her family.

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Following a story that showed that Baez went out with Jamaica in his stroller overnight, a follower wrote a concern. Stop walking in the street alone that horrible things are happening “someone sent him with concern. Regardless, the influencer was laid-back for a compelling reason.

“Many sent me this, calm that I always walk safely people. We take good care of my baby! “, detailed about the daughter of L-Gante. The truth is that they enjoy the girl’s first weeks, despite the fact that the artist maintains a hectic schedule with a national tour.

As if that were not enough, the singer of General Rodríguez goes through a spicy rivalry with Zaramay. This raises some concern, since there were some crosses that ended in beatings between the followers of both artists. This could affect the family of Elian Valenzuela, so they took security measures.

The message received by Tamara Báez, L-Gante’s girlfriend.

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