L-Gante and his father met again after 17 years apart: the emotional video

L-Ghent He was living some intense months. After his separation with Tamara Báez was announcedthe mother of his daughter, Jamaica, the artist began to be linked to Wanda Nara. Various speculations were made around the couple, but the two always warned that they are friends and that they were getting to know each other.

Watch the emotional video of L-Gante’s reunion with his dad!

However, it seems that their relationship began to change since the businesswoman returned to Turkey. This is because It seems that the influencer would have reconciled with Mauro Icardi. Despite this, the leader of the “Cumbia 420” He was focused on his career and he had the chance to meet his father again after 17 years.

The moment L-Gante saw his father he had a smile from ear to ear, just like Miguel Ángel Prosi with her bright eyes brimming with tears. The meeting took place in Gualegaychú, since the dad of Jamaica He had an agreed show and his family on his father’s side is living in Entre Ríos, a few kilometers from the event.

“It was a normal meeting of a father with a son”began by saying the father of the leader of the “Cumbia 420” for “in the afternoon”. Likewise, she explained that his son is equal to him: “He is simple like me, he has no points against or anything to reproach.” In the meantime, The singer’s sister, Samira, told how her relationship with Tamara Báez is.

L-Gante and Tamara Báez when they were a couple.

“I get along with her”commented the medical student. Despite the good relationship between the young women, the same does not happen between L-Gante and the Jamaican mother. Both are in a legal battle for the maintenance quota of the minor.

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