Kylian Mbappé threatened with death, amazement in Bondy

Against the backdrop of a political battle, one of the frescoes paying tribute to Kylian Mbappé has been degraded, with a threatening message against Kylian Mbappé.

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Child of Bondy of whom he is proud because of his prowess on the ground and his civic commitments, Kylian Mbappé no longer lives in the city of Seine-Saint-Denis, but he remains a strong symbol of this city in the Paris suburbs. On one of the giant frescoes that the city of Bondy dedicated to its young footballer, insulting inscriptions against him and the former mayor of the city were found. ” Mbappé tes mor (sic) ”thus seriously threatening the PSG player, and“ Thomasin fucks your mother “, targeting the one who is again a candidate for Mayor of Bondy. A new election is due to take place at the end of January, after the cancellation of the previous vote for irregularities and rather surreal cheap blows on both sides during the campaign, until the eve of the poll with controversial and quite nauseating leaflets.

Political fight in Bondy, new election in sight, it’s hot

It is therefore during this period of muscular electoral campaign that these tags appeared on one of the giant frescoes highlighting Kylian Mbappé on the buildings of the city. The proximity of Kylian Mbappé and his family with the representative of the Socialist Party is well known in Bondy, and this had already led to a controversy when his comic book was released at the Léo-Lagrange stadium in the city. Sylvine Thomassin had been invited, while the representatives of the mayor in place had been turned away by the security service.

The former elected announced to the Parisian that she would file a complaint for this degradation, and confirmed to have always close contacts with Fayza, the mother of Kylian Mbappé, and that there would therefore be no direct reaction from the share of the PSG player and his clan. ” The attacks to which I am the object are already unacceptable and affect me every day as a woman, a mother, a politician. But when you threaten someone with death who has nothing to do with politics for the sole reason that he is close to me, it is unbearable. These methods, in addition to being cowardly and mediocre, are a new attack on democracy and demonstrate the nauseating climate maintained by my opponents for months. This fresco was a magnificent symbol, a call to believe in your dreams and always fight to achieve them. Today, it is also this message of hope that has been damaged. I asked my lawyer to take legal action. I see that it is only me who suffers from such treatment in this campaign, but I will not comment further. We should better despise these people. I had Fayza (Kylian Mbappé’s mother) on the phone and she thinks the same ”Sylvine Thomassi explained, disgusted to see that the debate was once again leaving in unsavory spheres. In any case, the Mbappé family chose his camp in this election, the PSG striker not hesitating to let it be known in 2020, when he still lived near Bondy, that he supported the Socialist Party candidate.

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