Kylian Mbappé sets his conditions for the FFF

Relations between Kylian Mbappé and the FFF are more strained than ever. In question, questions of money and image rights for the French striker. He has very specific demands.

If Noël Le Graët has often been complimentary towards Kylian Mbappé in the past, lately the PSG striker is no longer an ideal son-in-law for the boss of the FFF. He would rather be the capricious little boy who does as he pleases. Mbappé now wants his say on the revenue collected by the French team. The PSG player wants to re-discuss the collective image rights in selection with the federation, considering himself wronged in the use of his image by the FFF. After his boycott of the marketing operations of the Blues last March, Mbappé began discussions with its president. And, it promises to be heated.

Mbappé wants a right of inspection and dividends

Indeed, the Parisian striker has very specific requests concerning the financial and marketing aspect as revealed by the newspaper The Parisian this Friday. Among other things, Mbappé wants a right of scrutiny over sponsors, wanting players to be able to choose the sponsors to give their image to so that they are consistent with everyone’s values. A kind of conscience clause for each player of the French team. In addition to the moral aspects, Mbappé also has more specific financial requirements.

The player’s lawyer, Delphine Verheyden, told the Ile-de-France daily that her client was very vigilant on the issue of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). According to her, there needs to be a case-by-case discussion for the use of a player’s image in its new applications. Mbappé also wants to collect dividends on the sales of the jerseys. This is where the problem lies. Indeed, for the moment, the players receive the same amount for the sales of the blue jerseys. But, believing that the Mbappé flocked jersey was at least one of the best-selling, the PSG striker thinks he can and must earn more. ” If we put the player’s name on the jersey, he should touch something. Everyone is then free to decide if they want to keep this money or benefit football from below. “, indicates his lawyer with the Parisian. Despite these laudable intentions for amateur football, it’s not sure that Noel Le Graet wants to let a piece of this big cake slip away so easily.

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