Kristýna Hrušínská is expecting a baby! I was already pregnant in Playboy, she claims

Happy news Kristýna Hrušínská of course she confided in her husband first. But she wasn’t entirely sure… “I didn’t make any special announcement. I simply told him that I was probably pregnant and I would go to the doctor for a check-up,” confided Aha! Kristýna, who is currently in her first trimester.

Two in Playboy

Of course, this means that when she posed for a famous men’s magazine at the very beginning of May, she was already in joyful anticipation. “There are two of us in those photos,” admitted the actress. However, at that time, apart from her, only her husband knew. “My husband told me that I managed the photo shoot at the last minute,” smiles Kristýna, who is happily married to director Matěj Balcar.

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Touched parents

This was followed by the announcement of the grandchild’s arrival to Jan’s parents Hrušínský (67) a Miluš Šplechtová (64). “When I announced it to our family, they were excited and moved,” Kristýna said. And what does the first-born son Vojta say about becoming a big brother? “He’s looking forward to it. However, we do not prepare him for this in any particular way. Matěj and I are happy that Vojtík will not be alone. We will definitely let him have a say in choosing the name,” is the determined actress, who was also made famous by the series Ulice. However, the expectant parents do not yet know if Vojta can look forward to a little brother or a little sister. They say they will let the doctors tell them.

Constant hangover

And how does the actress’ second pregnancy compare to her first? “By the second month I felt like I had a permanent hangover. Well, except that I didn’t throw up. I also feel that it was much faster to see it on me than when I was waiting for Vojta. But that’s the way it is,” revealed Kristýna Hrušínská.

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