Kristen Stewart is slain for her performance as Lady Di

Princess Diana continues to be an icon in the world. Her time as British royalty, her activism and her social appeal made her one of the most iconic women on the globe. It has been 24 years since he passed away, but even so his history is long and, therefore, productions are still being made that show what his life was. Among them is Spencer, which premiered on November 5 and stars Kristen Stewart.

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Spencer is a feature film that managed to innovate when it came to talking about a monarch. It is that, unlike what has already been seen on more than one occasion, it is not a biographical tape. This film is a dramatization of a key stage in Lady Di’s life that takes place over three days. In it the experience of the Princess in a family reunion at some parties is told.

At that time the relationship between the Princes of Wales was at its most fragile and Spencer He showed Diana’s pain openly. However, it should be noted that the performance of Kristen Stewart it was not as flattered as expected. From the beginning, his signing caused a lot of controversy at a general level due to the little resemblance between the two figures.

But, who went for much more in his words was the royal expert named Stewart Pearce, Lady Di’s voice and presence coach. “It was a very unusual version of the essence of Princess Diana. I’d say it has a lot more to do with the director’s lens on what he believed to be a neurotic disposition within a woman, who turned out to be the Princess.”, Explained the critic.

However, beyond what was said about the actress, the film received very flattering reviews. It has been a long time since an interpretation of Lady Di was seen as emblematic as the one seen in Spencer since, the point in favor that it has, is that it does not try to monopolize all its history, but to focus on a specific moment of the mother of William and Harry.

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