Kristen Stewart at the Oscars for Spencer? Remember 5 Great Moments of the Actress on the Big Screen

The actress’s career progressed beyond a certain vampire franchise

One of the films that most arouse the interest of a portion of the public in the current season is certainly Spencer, a work directed by Pablo Larrain which focuses on intimate elements experienced and felt by the then Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer. The premise is not unprecedented because its outcome was the fuel for the plot of The Queen and, more recently, the monarch had great prominence in the third season of The Crown.

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However, what is actually fueling the popular imagination for this specific vision is the actress’ work Kristen Stewart. From the beginning, the marketing of the film used makeup and costume work on the actress, as well as her performance; after preliminary screenings, the acting factor gained even more prominence, whereas currently she is already being asked for on the internet as one of the nominees for the next Oscar for best actress.

Still, much of the career of Kristen Stewart is tied to the saga Twilight, an adolescent cultural phenomenon of the late 2000s and early 2010. As with his colleague, Robert Pattison, she built a post career. Twilight a lot in films with reduced circulation (and those with more attention not having good performances) which kept its evolution out of the eyes of the general public.

With that in mind, there are five films that the actress, throughout her career, participated in and are examples that her filmography is much more varied and rich than one imagines.

5) Panic Room

The second film of his career, third if you count his uncredited participation in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, put her in the skin of a teenager who, with her mother, finds herself isolated in a safe room while robbers invade her house and wait until they leave. A simple proposal that follows the style of the domestic invasion subgenre (already discussed in another article and older than you might think) if not for the names involved.

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There is a very interesting chemistry in the duo.

Panic Room had direction of David Fincher, whose career was already consolidated by successes such as Fight Club e Seven; not only that, but the then-child actress also had the award-winning presence at her side. Jodie Foster, almost accidentally performing a “staff pass” as she also started as an actress at a very young age in Taxi Driver beside the acclaimed Robert De Niro.

Right after the release of the second and last part of Breaking Dawn It’s easy to understand that the actress wanted to get as far away as possible from the franchise that, even having raised her to fame, prevented her from higher flights in the public’s imagination. In 2016 she then participates in Café Society, drama directed and written by Woody Allen.

Stewart and Eisenberg are longtime professional colleagues

Not only that, but the actress also resumes a long-standing partnership with the actor. Jesse Eisenberg, protagonist of the film. It was with this production that Stewart returned to work with a major filmmaker for the first time since the end of Twilight and undoubtedly played an important role in guiding his career towards the smaller productions industry.

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This is an example of production where Kristen was not the center of attention, but her colleague, Juliane Moore. The drama about the gradual loss of memory of a renowned teacher, victim of Alzheimer’s disease, who has to deal with the rapid changes in her life, as well as her family, guaranteed the Moore the Oscar for best actress in the 2015 edition.

Another occasion in which the actress starred with an industry reference

Already Kristen assumes the role of the youngest daughter of the protagonist, owner of a position of denial in the face of her mother’s illness. So much so that even after the siblings have taken a test to determine their risk of showing a tendency to the disease in the future, she still chooses not to have it. Throughout the plot, the character demonstrates that she has a true developmental arc, going from total denial to the gradual approach of her mother, who becomes more and more dependent on help.

Another project in which the actress has a film veteran at her side, something that at this point shows to be a characteristic of the projects chosen by her. The name of the time is the winner Juliette Binoche, immortalized in the second film of the Color Trilogy from Krzysztof Kieslowski.

In the plot, Stewart takes on the role of assistant to a renowned actress who, after the death of her mentor, decides to revisit the same film that years before made her a star. The difference is that in the new version a young actress will assume the position that once belonged to her. In the meantime the character of Binoche he will go through a real personal identity crisis, coming to discover a strong attraction for his assistant.

Released in 2016, the film directed by Olivier Assayas put Kristen Stewart back to the suspense genre by presenting a plot in which she acts as a purchasing consultant for a supermodel; however, his personal life fell apart after his twin brother’s death.

That’s when his brother’s girlfriend decides to sell the house they lived in to a couple of friends; before that, however, customers hire the character of Kristen to make contact with possible supernatural presences in the new house, to find out if they are friendly or not.

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