Kristen Bell moves away from comedy and stars in a dark cop on Netflix


The actress who headlined the acclaimed comedy The Good Place has a new project on the way. She will also be the executive producer of this story.

The fiction will have 8 episodes.
© IMDbThe fiction will have 8 episodes.

Kristen Bell was associated with the world of comedy especially for one of the great sitcoms seen in recent years, The Good Place, where a group of human beings were victims of a plan developed between those responsible for controlling who enters Heaven and who enters Hell, according to how well they behaved while they were alive. Now, from the hand of Netflix, will return to the world of drama thanks to a new police miniseries where she will also serve as an executive producer.

The actress who is also recognized in much of the world for her work as the narrator of Gossip Girl will star in a police officer with a particularly long title. Is about The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window (The Woman in the House vs. the Girl in the Window), which will have a total of eight episodes. The first episode will land on the platform on January 28.

The series tells the story of Anna (Bell), a woman mired in routine who seems to find no meaning in life. During each of the days of his life he sits looking out the window while drinking wine and watching people go by. Everything will change for her when a new neighbor moves in across the street and Anna begins to find a reason to move on. Until suddenly, a homicide changes his plans completely. Everything that happens will be traversed by their consumption of alcohol and pills that will make the viewer doubt how much is reality and how much a product of their imagination.

The cast has figures such as Mary Holland, Shelley Hennig, Christina Anthony, Samsara Yett, Cameron Britton and Benjamin Levy Aguilar. The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window fue creada for Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidsony Larry Dorf, and also has a Will Ferrell as one of the executive producers. You can see the full advance on these lines.

Amy Adams’ movie with a similar premise

Last year, Netflix premiered a movie that will remind many of the premise of The woman in the huouse across the street from the girl in the window. Is about The woman in the window (The woman at the window), where Amy Adams he put himself in the shoes of Anna Fox, a woman who lives locked up in her house (suffers from agoraphobia) watching movies and from time to time spies on her neighbors. Suddenly, he will discover a peculiar fact in which the neighbors of the block will be involved, whom many consider an exemplary family.

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