Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana| 2022 Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme?

Rajasthan state government Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana has started. This Plan To all the small and marginal farmers present in the state under Loan According to which farmers will get financial help. With financial assistance, farmers will be able to get a fair benefit of the price of their products. Under this Krishi Upaj Rahaan Loan Yojana, more than 25,000 farmers of the state have joined. The amount of loan assistance will be provided to the farmers of the economically weaker section at the lowest rate of interest.

in giving loans to farmers State government Its goal is that the economically backward farmers can get a fair price by producing better in agricultural work. Today through this article we Agricultural Produce Rahan Loan Scheme Rajasthan Online Registration Will share all the related information. So you need to read this article completely to get the full benefits of this scheme.

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What is the Rajasthan Agricultural Produce Living Loan (Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana 2022) scheme?

Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana 2022 Under this, loans up to Rs 1.5 lakh will be made available to all the small and marginal farmers of the state. beneficiary The farmers will have to return 3 percent of the interest amount collected by the farmers to the banks, the remaining interest amount will be paid by the state government. Along with this, loan amount up to Rs 3 lakh will be provided to large scale farmers present in the state. 11 percent to beneficiary farmers Interest The loan amount will be provided at the rate.

Under this scheme, the loan given to the farmers from the welfare fund will be repaid. agricultural produce To get the benefit of Rahan Loan Scheme Rajasthan, the beneficiary farmers need to register online under the scheme. Registration Only after that you will be able to get the benefit of loan services linked to the scheme.

Highlights Of Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana 2022

of the plan name Rajasthan Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme (Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana 2022,
Initiated by whom By Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot
Department Agriculture Department Rajasthan
Date of Application currently available
Beneficiary State’s small and Cmother farmer
Objective To provide loan assistance to farmers at the rate of low interest rate for agricultural work.
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Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme

Objectives of Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme

Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana 2022 Rajasthan The main objective of the scheme is to provide farmers with better returns in agricultural work at a lower cost. Interest To provide loan assistance at affordable rates. This loan amount is provided to the farmers for a period of 3 months so that they can meet their external needs. for private event farmers The loan amount is provided for a period of 6 months. Plan Farmers can produce more in the agriculture sector by getting loans under this. This special initiative has been started by the government to improve the quality of agricultural work and improve the economic condition of the farmers.

For the successful implementation of this scheme, the state government has allocated a budget of Rs 50 crore.


  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan. only small and marginal farmer Only those will be eligible under this scheme.
  • The farmers who have less than one hectare of land will also get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Farmers having less than 2 hectares of land are also eligible for this scheme.
  • The benefit of this scheme only Rajasthan Only residents of the state can pick up. Farmers residing in any district of the state can take advantage of this system.
  • Additional to the farmers who paid the loan at the end of time 2% interest return will be received.

Benefits of Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme Rajasthan

  • Rajasthan Agriculture Product Loan Under this, the farmers who will repay the loan early will be given interest rate 2 percent will get a discount.
    County of 25 percent More farmers will get the facility of taking loan at the rate of three percent.
  • Rajasthan Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana 2022 Under this scheme, small and marginal farmers will get an opportunity to get loan amount up to Rs.1.5 lakh.
  • All those farmers of the state who have 2 hectares Those who have less than agricultural land are also included to apply under the scheme.
  • Under this scheme the standard of living of small and marginal farmers in the state will improve.
  • Marginal farmers will have to pay interest at the rate of 3 percent for the production of agricultural work. The state government will pay the remaining 7 percent.
  • Rahan Yojana Agricultural Produce Loan in the state under beneficiary Farmers will get fair price for their produce.
  • if Rajasthan Agricultural Produce Rahan Loan Scheme Incentive scheme will also be started under Apex Bank if the employees of the committee involved in this play a better role.
  • agricultural products loan program It will help in strengthening the economic side of the farmers.

Rajasthan Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme Eligibility and Criteria

Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme to take advantage of Candidate Farmers have to fulfill the required eligibility. We inform you about this eligibility through the points given below.

  • Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme Only small and marginal farmers of the state will be considered eligible to apply.
  • To apply under the scheme, only the state’s native Only farmers have been included.
  • Rajasthan Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme It is mandatory to link the farmer’s bank account details with the Aadhar card.
  • Under the scheme, the NPA benefit to the farmers in the state should be less than 10 percent.

Required Documents

Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme For Application To apply, farmers will need some important documents. We are going to talk about these documents through some points.

  • voter registration card of beneficiary farmer
  • residential certificate
  • salary certificate
  • agricultural land document
  • applicant’s aadhar card
  • Aadhar card linked bank account
  • Mobile phone number
  • Passport Likeis photo
  • crop documents
  • oath declaration

How to register online for Rajasthan Krishi Upaj Rahaan Loan Yojana?

State interested beneficiaries who Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana According to online Application Those who want to apply can easily apply through given below process

Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana 2022

  • Rajasthan Agriculture Produce Living Loan Scheme For online registration To do this, one has to go to the official website of the Agriculture Department.
  • After that the main page of the website will open on your screen.
  • After visiting the website, click on the option of Live Farm Loan Program on the home page.
  • The application form will open on the applicant screen on the next page.
  • On the application form, the applicant farmer will have to enter all the information sought in the application form.
  • Like applicant name, mobile number, address, bank details, district, area, farming information, land information, aadhar card number etc.
  • After completing all the information the applicant form Along with the scanned copy of all the required documents have to be uploaded.
  • After completing the whole process click on submit button.
  • thus your Rajasthan Agricultural Produce Subsistence Loan Scheme Online Registration The process will be completed.

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Some questions and answers related to FAQ Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Yojana 2022

✔️ How much interest will the farmers have to pay under the Agricultural Produce Loan Program?

The interest on the loan taken by the farmers under the Agricultural Product Loan Program will be repaid on the basis of 3 percent, the remaining seven percent will be recovered by the state government itself.

✔️ Why Krishi Produce Living Loan Scheme has been launched?

This scheme has been started for small and marginal farmers in the state of Rajasthan. Under this scheme, those farmers present in the state will be given loan assistance who are able to produce and sell due to their economic condition. their crops in the agricultural field. The area is defenseless. Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Scheme was started to help these helpless farmers financially.

✔️ How much loan amount will be made available to small and marginal farmers under the scheme?

Under the Rajasthan Agriculture Commodity Loan Scheme, short-term loan amount up to Rs.1 lakh 50 thousand will be provided to small and marginal farmers.

✔️ Will other farmers of the state also get the refund of interest amount under the Rajasthan Krishi Upaj Jeevaniyapan Loan Yojana?

No, under the Rajasthan Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Scheme, the large scale farmers present in the state will not be given any kind of exemption for taking loans.

✔️ What type of credit system has been started for farmers?

This is a short term loan scheme for farmers started by the Government of Rajasthan, on the basis of which this loan is provided to the farmers for a short period. Subsidy benefit is provided.

✔️ How many societies have been included in the Agricultural Produce Rahan Loan Scheme?

Agricultural Produce Rahan Loan Scheme Under this, five thousand five hundred committees have been included. So that more and more farmers of the state can be benefited.

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