Krampol gray with fear: DUE TO NEW LOVE

“Yes, it’s true that I have a girlfriend. She’s a lawyer, she doesn’t come from the media environment at all, so I’m not even saying exactly who she’s at, because she’s afraid of that attention. “ he explained earlier Krampol for ŽivotvČ The fact that they have already formed a couple some Friday does not change the situation – the information embargo persists. “I’m very happy and she really doesn’t want to be publicized.” specified Czech Belmondo.

Czech Belmondo: Jiří Krampol

That Jiří is in love up to his ears is completely without dispute. It doesn’t even rule out hitting it right. “I love her so much, and I’m even serious about marrying her. I’m eighty-three, I don’t know what will happen to me tomorrow, so there’s nothing to wait for. She is very smart and kind. And she likes me too. She doesn’t need anything from me, she’s self-sufficient, we just like her. But I will not reveal more about her, she is fragile and does not want media interest. “ he spoke some time ago in a statement for Who knows, for example, Jiří really manages to seal his love, as befits and belongs.

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