Kramár’s unexpected statement: I AM FREE!

Maroš Kramár has almost fallen! Slunečná ends, and while some actors have immediately moved to the new FTV Prima series from the zoo, the Slovak actor is on dry land. “We end up Sunny, I have Miracles of Nature here in the Czech Republic and otherwise I only have theater. So now I don’t shoot at all, I would like to tell the productions and directors that I’m free. And I don’t rehearse theater, so I’m absolutely free, that’s an advantage.” admitted the actor on Czech Radio.

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But he can’t be particularly desperate. “Basically, I’m enjoying myself. I live by the water outside Bratislava and now that summer has been wonderful,” quotes the magazine Sedmička magazine. During the pandemic, he slowed down and stopped chasing several work commitments at once. “On the one hand, I’m so nervous because I used to always have a few scripts on the table and choose what I would and wouldn’t do, and suddenly after the covida, which was such a forced space for thinking and doing nothing, I found out that I could live. totally different,” Maroš explained. It’s less in short, sometimes more.

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Whether this is just a temporary period, the actor himself does not know. Sometimes he welcomes the calm from work, other times he would rather be in a team. “On the one hand, I think I have some work to do, but on the other hand, I think I don’t want to go anywhere. So it’s beating in me, I’m at some such crossroads.” added Maroš Kramár.

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