Koyna Ruseva fights stress with yoga

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09 January 2022, 15:00

Koyna Ruseva has been maintaining her mind and body with yoga for a long time. One could hardly imagine him as the actress who is described as the Iron Lady or as respectful. Quite often with both, including her mesmerizing blue eyes, which, depending on the role, and perhaps the case – who knows, bring the well-known chilling look. Still, she can hear, but those she trusts.Apart from yoga, the other valuable weapon of the on-screen Krassimira Zareva from the TV series “The Way of Honor” on Nova TV is the discipline. It is a discipline built by a swimming coach – her father, and a school principal – her mother, and nurtured by Coyna herself. Because it is with discipline that the actress, who will celebrate her 52nd birthday on May 2, maintains the ideal figure, with which she impresses on social networks. Discipline is also the key to her brilliant development in the profession. “This is hard, serious work – ours, acting. It seems easy, but it’s not like that at all, “Koyna said in a recent media appearance.Precisely because her profession requires a lot of work and dedication, Koyna Ruseva felt the need to find a way to tame her mind, to calm it so that it does not run constantly. It happened that she could not fall asleep thinking about what was ahead of her, about the next project she was working on, or about the upcoming premiere, when she needed a good night’s sleep. But just then the artist wakes up, and the text of the whole play passes into his mind. Looking for a way to calm her mind, Koyna Ruseva came to yoga. It’s a long way to go. She was seen in the spring of last year, when the actress shared photos for which she posed in various yoga exercises. “I never imagined that yoga could give me such” options “for the body and such peace of mind. But as you can see, I’m with the right teacher, “Koyna wrote in the photos with her teacher.Exercise helped her stay in shape during the dark periods of the pandemic measures. Sports plus cooking, because as a zodiac sign Taurus Koyna knows how to cook. In fact, housework is not alien to her, because some time ago she shared that along with her busy schedule and commitment to her three children, who have already grown up, she cooks, cleans and runs a washing machine. Several times. “If a person is afraid to turn on a washing machine or wipe the dust at home, then he is afraid of life. And we are so nice to diversify. We give the brain the opportunity to move from one to another and rest, “admits Koyna. As for her pandemic, the actress, who has always managed to combine her iconic performances in theater with television and cinema, has never let her discipline break. She has acted as a soldier. And it was by adhering to the usual, planned activities that Koyna Ruseva maintained her inner peace and tranquility, as well as her ideal measures. She did not gain a single kilogram.She maintains her athletic form and condition, which are probably not insignificant in her profession, not only with physical activity, but also with good food. And even though she’s pretty busy sometimes, the actress does not break her eating habits. The guild even says that Koyna Ruseva often brings home-made food in boxes. In the context of her sports activities, the actress spends the first days of the new year skiing in an Austrian winter resort.

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