Kostková in a new tailored role: The series deals with the lives of divorced people!

The story revolves around three families that are dependent on the precise functioning of each individual. When one falls off the schedule, a meltdown ensues, everyone’s plans fall apart and a replacement program must be intricately devised. It was the ups and downs of everyday ordinary life that became the inspiration for the creation of funny situations that accompany the series. “Parenting does not end with divorce, home is relationships and people around you. We live in a time where we focus far more than ever on the well-being of children. Our series does not deal with sad and dramatic stories when parents cannot come to an agreement. Our families live in an all-for-children model. We want to entertain, but at the same time give instructions on how to survive relationship carambolas,” says TV Nova creative producer Lena Hanychová. The series will start airing after the New Year.

Kostkova alias Petra Tejkalová: I actually have it

The role of the divorced wife was played by Tereza Kostková, for whom it was a piece of cake. “I don’t even have to imagine such an alternating coexistence, I have it like this in real life. So there isn’t that much of a difference between my experience and my character. Petra is a nice woman, she likes the people around her and wants her to have good relationships with her ex-partners as well. He is also tolerant. In principle, she can act as a person who cares about harmony, but that does not mean that it is taken that way from the other side as well,” Tereza described her character.

Tereza Kostková at the premiere of the film I will tell you how I am in the summer: What did she reveal?

Tomas Jerábek alias Karel Tejkal: Positive attitude towards the alternator

“Karel lives in his own bubble, he likes his job as a high school professor, he likes biology and, unfortunately for him, he also has to deal with a lot of other things. When two people come to the point that they simply cannot live together and get divorced or separate, alternating custody is one of the options for solving the situation. I actually have a positive relationship with her,” the actor commented on the coexistence of divorced people.

Filip Blazek alias Filip Holas: I bought a four-legged child

Filip Blažek, who takes care of the youngest child in the series, baby Mikeš, admitted to the controversy about another child. “I can imagine it, I even wanted a fourth child, but maybe you’re starting to get a little more comfortable. After all, I’m almost fifty, you want to enjoy life a little. And in order not to get bored, I bought a four-legged child,” he joked.

Tereza Kostková in the comedy In the summer I will tell you, as a woman, what is pushing hard on the saw

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