Korean romance movies to enjoy from start to finish

South Korea has a large catalog of movies in which many famous actors appear and they are movies that catch you from the first 10 minutes. If you have no idea what to watch and you want to delight yourself with a romance story, here are some Korean movies that you will love, both for their cast and their stories.

exist korean movies that are full of romance. Although sometimes these loves may not be reciprocated and do not have the best outcome, they are stories that make us sigh every second. These recommendations of films you will love both for their cast and for their story.

On Your Wedding Day, be with you Y Love Forecast they are Korean movies that will fascinate you with their stories from beginning to end. Some will make you melt, others cry and others laugh out loud. But they are perfect options that will remain in your memory and you will enjoy completely.

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South Korean Romance Movies That Will Make Your Heart Race

Year: 2018

This movie is about two high school classmates who are the best of friends. And soon after, the boy realizes that he has strong feelings for his best friend, however, he decides to shut him up. Life goes on and both study different careers, but everything changes when the boy receives an invitation to his friend’s wedding. Starring Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang, this story will make you wonder about what if…? You can watch it on doramasflix.

Year: 2018

This movie is perfect to cry to seas. The story is about Woo Jin, a man who, after the death of his wife, begins to take care of his son as a single father. However, his son becomes obsessed with a story in which he says that his mother will come to visit him on a rainy day and what they both do not know is that she will indeed come back on a very rainy day. Starring So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin. You can watch it on doramasflix.

Year: 2015

This movie is about two best friends who have been friends for more than 18 years and although they have very different personalities, perhaps they are made for each other without realizing it. It stars Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won and is a fun romantic comedy that will make you laugh out loud at the situations the characters find themselves in. You can see it in full Youtube.

On the other hand, these are some Japanese romance movies that are inspired by anime and manga and you will not be able to stop watching because of their stories.

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