Korean dramas that follow the lives of one or more celebrities

Looking for a new drama to watch today? These Korean series have romance and a lot of fun, but they also stand out because the protagonists are celebrities also within an entertaining story, what challenges will they have to face?

Although the cast members of a drama they are usually very famous celebrities, some of the characters they play are also developed within the world of entertainment, so sometimes the protagonists can be singersactors or actresses who are succeeding in fame.

But as in any good drama, the main characters must face a series of challenges that will put them to the test, what is it that comes to change the lives of the protagonists in this theme?

Cheer up to see the K-dramas from this list, all of them have very funny love stories that will make you smile while learning more about the characters.

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Dramas where the main character works in the world of entertainment

Year: 2022

Made by: Kim Young Dae Y Lee Sung-kyung

Gong Tae Sung is a boy used to having the attention of others, he is the most famous celebrity and always tries to give the impression of a kind young man. Oh Han Byeol works at the same company as him, but as the head of the public relations team, she knows what Tae Sung’s real personality is, so they don’t get along at all.

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Year: 2018

Starring: Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon

Joo Gi Bbeum was the most famous actress in Korea and during a trip abroad she falls madly in love with a man who reciprocates her feelings. The happiness lasts very little because before returning from her trip she finds herself involved in an investigation that ends her career. Years later, she is reunited with the boy she fell in love with, but he does not remember anything that she lived by her side.

Year 2013

Made by: Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji Hyun

Song Yi is a popular actress who is now in the middle of a scandal, that is why she has to move and settles in a new apartment, while she is in crisis due to everything bad that happens in her life, she meets Do Min Joo. Her neighbor works as a university professor, but in reality she is an alien who has been on Earth for years.

Year: 2021

Starring: Choi Tae Joon and Choi Sooyoung

Geun Young is a reporter who one day attends an important opening, that’s where she meets the famous singer Hoo Joon, but both start off on the wrong foot and get a bad impression of each other. Their interaction is caught on camera and now they are the perfect candidates to work together on a show, will they accept?

Year: 2004

Made by: Song Hye Kyo Y Rain

Han Ji Eun dreams of being a screenwriter, lives alone in a house built by her father but is surrounded by bad people. One day her so-called friends cheat on her by telling her that she won a free vacation, but they take advantage of it to sell the girl’s house and leave her with nothing. Now the owner of the place is a famous actor whom she meets by chance when he returns home.

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