Korean celebrities who have worked with Louis Vuitton as models and ambassadors

We have seen our Korean idols and actors work as models and ambassadors for Louis Vuitton on many occasions, who are the darlings of this brand?

We know very well thatlK-Pop has a very close relationship with the world of fashion. And it is evident that the visuals of many of our favorite artists in this type of music have turned them into models that appear on magazine covers, advertisements and more.

This is why many fashion houses seek to work with idolsbut also with korean actors because we know that they also manage to have a great impact in this area by also being visual and modeling perfectly on many occasions. And clothing and accessory companies take these stars to a ton of major events.

For example, we have Louis Vuitton who has worked with many korean celebritieswe have seen actors and idols collaborate with this brand using their products, modeling in magazines with their clothing lines, wearing their clothes and accessories, traveling to Fashion Weeks in other countries as company representatives, and so on.

Which Korean idols and actors have you worked with? FV? This exclusive fashion brand has collaborated featuring a bunch of our favorite K-Pop and K-Drama artists.

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7 Korean Celebrities Who Have Collaborated With Louis Vuitton For Photo Shoots, Events And More

All the members of bts They are global ambassadors for Louis Vuitton, these idols have worked on photo shoots with the brand and have also taken them to events like Paris Fashion Week and more. We know that the power of this K-Pop group is really big in fashion as well.

BTS is a global ambassador for Louis Vuitton | Twitter: @taesoothe

famous korean actor lee min ho He has also worked with Louis Vuitton, he is also an ambassador for this brand and we have been able to enjoy the demeanor of this K-Drama star wearing the clothes of this fashion house.

Lee Min Ho works with Louis Vuitton | Twitter: @leeminhotrends

Some members of EXO have worked with Louis Vuitton, but we do not forget that sehun He is one of the favorites, he has worn clothes from this brand and was also invited to one of the company’s shows in 2017.

EXO’s Sehun at the Louis Vuitton event | Twitter: @sehunportrait

In ‘Squid Game’ we saw jung hoyeon debut as an actress and although she was already a model before this, her rise to fame in the series made her a global ambassador for Louis Vuitton, isn’t that great?

Hoyeon is a global ambassador for LV | Twitter: @hoyeonlooks

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At one of Louis Vuitton’s end-of-year events in 2022, we saw hyungwon of monsta x As a special guest, this idol looked amazing in his clothes from this brand and we hope that he will continue to work with the fashion house in the future.

Hyungwon at the Louis Vuitton event | Twitter: @imckyunstd

Cho Gue Sung He is the Korean soccer player who became very popular during the World Cup, he wore the #9 jersey and fell in love with the world during the Korean soccer team matches. He was also invited to the LV event where we saw him with Hyungwon.

Cho Gue Sung has also worked with Louis Vuitton | Twitter: @choguesungfc

our most beloved mingyu, he is not only a great rapper, singer and dancer, he is also a fashion icon and an extraordinary model who in 2022 did a photo shoot wearing Louis Vuitton. We think that he was also invited to the same event as Hyungwon and Cho Gue Sung but for a concert of SEVENTEENcould not go.

Mingyu wearing Louis Vuitton in a photoshoot | Twitter: @UpdateKBoys

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