Korean actors who look very attractive in medical dramas

The diversity of themes in K-Dramas is surprising and here we tell you which actors adapted wonderfully to medical stories, how do they see themselves in a doctor’s uniform?

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It is a line of the korean series that every year gives us new productions and generally matches the experiences within the hospitals with a plot of romance, friendship, family or improvement.

As in the case of any drama, throughout the episodes we follow the experiences of the characters In this case, they are usually focused on the staff of one or more hospitals, but patient cases and even the dynamics of the administrative staff are also interspersed.

Today we will talk about Medical K-Dramas, but we will especially highlight five Korean actors who have played doctors and who managed to get our hearts racing as we enjoyed each episode.

Keep reading and let us know who of these celebs is your favorite or if you would add any other star of the korean dramas.

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Stars of medical dramas that will make you fall in love

Lee Dong Wook on Life

What better combination than Lee Dong Wook and a medical drama? But do not worry, this time we are not talking about his facet as a dentist in Strangers from Hell, but about his role in Life.

Lee Dong Wook dressed as a doctor. | Source: Twitter @asiandramass

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In this K-Drama, he plays Ye Jin Woo, a doctor who specializes in attending emergencies and is also really charismatic.

  • Kang Min Hyuk on Hospital Ship

The drama revolves around a group of doctors with a great love for their profession and for helping others, they travel on a boat visiting various islands to provide treatment to those who need it.

CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk on Hospital Playlist. | Source: Twitter @TheDramaKorea

Kang Min Hyuk, who in addition to acting is a member of CNBLUE, plays Kwak Hyun, a kind doctor and comes from a family known in the medical field.

  • Lee Jong Suk on Doctor Stranger

This is the only medical drama where we have seen Lee Jong Suk and he did some fascinating work. When Park Hoon was a child, he and his father traveled to North Korea not knowing that they would not be able to return home.

Lee Jong Suk in Doctor Stranger. | Source: Twitter @dwpuspita_

This actor gives life to this young man who grows up to become an excellent doctor who has also learned to do his job without having the necessary resources, but developing surprising skills.

This drama combines a dose of fantasy with medicine, as it tells us the story of a hospital where one of the doctors is a vampire and keeps his true identity a secret.

Drama poster Blood. | Source: Twitter @kdrama_list_

This supernatural being is played by Ahn Jae Hyun, who in the story is called Park Ji Sang and is a talented surgeon.

  • Yoo Yun Suk on Hospital Playlist

The drama follows a group of five friends who have known each other since they were medical students and now work in the same hospital.

Yoo Yun Suk on Hospital Playlist. | Source: Twitter @zusuf

Yoo Yun Suk is Ahn Jung Wan and specializes in pediatric surgery, being one of the few who perform this work and above all who have a special charm to treat children.

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