Korean actors who are aquarius, who do you share a sign with?

If you enjoy learning about the zodiac signs, you may wonder if your favorite celebrities have the same sign as you. These are the Korean actors who were born with the sign of Aquarius. How many can you recognize?

People born with the signs of Aquarium they tend to be more creative, sincere and imaginative. Many korean actors share this zodiac sign. You will be surprised to know who they are.

This compilation will show you the actors of your favorite dramas who are Aquarius, maybe you even share a birthday with one of them. Do you already know who they are?

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Korean actors who were born between January 21 and February 18

The actor Kim Min-seok he was born on January 24, 1990. He appeared in dramas like Lovestruck in the City and The Lost Card. This year he will appear in Delivery Man and Blood Riding Love.

idol and actor Kim Jaejoong He was born on January 26, 1986. His last work was in the drama Bad-Memory Eraser and the movie On The Road, both in 2021.

The actor Yoo Seon Hoo He was born on January 28, 2002 and gained a lot of attention with his recent performance in the drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella.

lee joon He was an idol member of MBLAQ and is currently engaged in acting. He was born on February 7, 1988. His last work was in Bloody Heart and in 2023 he will be in The Escape of the Seven.

The idol and actor of Super Junior Choi Siwon Born on February 10, 1987, he has appeared in multiple dramas throughout his career, the most recent being Love is for Suckers.

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SNSD member Choi Sooyoung was also born on February 10, but she was born in 1990. Her most recent work was in the 2022 drama Fan Letter Please.

Popular Strong Woman actress Do Bong Soon was born on February 12, 1990. Park Bo-young He has been in many big name dramas like Oh my Ghost and Doom at Your Service. This year she will be in the Daily Dose of Sunshine.

sung hoon He was born on February 14, 1983. This actor is well recognized in the media and his most recent work was in Woori The Virgin. Do you remember his character?

By last, Park Shin Hye Also an Aquarius, she was born on February 18, 1990. Although she temporarily retired from acting after welcoming her first child, she is famous for dramas like You’re Beautiful, You’re Handsome, and The Heirs.

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