Korba News: The way of treatment from the health camp, the operation of many needy people

Korba (Naiduniya News). The effect of the mega health camps started to provide good facilities for examination and treatment of diseases to the needy people of far flung areas of the district is now visible. In these camps started on the initiative of Collector Ranu Sahu, patients suffering from many serious diseases for a long time are also being identified during the investigation of the villagers. These patients are being provided free treatment from specialist doctors after the camps, as well as free operation etc. as per the need.

In the mega health camp held in Kothari this month, about 40 patients suffering from chronic hydrocele-hernia were identified. Of these, hydrocele and hernia were operated on five patients yesterday at Kartala Community Health Center. The team of district hospital surgeon Dr. Prabhat Panigrahi, anesthesiologist Dr. MH Pal and BMO Dr. Rakesh Patel successfully operated these patients. The health department has borne the entire cost of the operation of these five patients and the cost of materials and medicines etc. These patients have not only got relief from the long-standing disease due to free operation, besides, 20 to 25 thousand rupees have also been saved for getting the operation done in private hospitals. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. BB Bode said that five people of Madwani and Nondarha villages of Kartala block were suffering from hydrocele for a long time. Similarly, a youth of Nondarha village was suffering from hydrocele as well as hernia. These patients, who belonged to poor families, were finding it difficult to get treatment for their disease due to financial constraints. For a long time, all these patients were forced to live uncomfortable lives with their diseases. All of them showed specialist doctors and got their health check-up done in the mega health camp held at Kothari on 3rd September. The doctors told the need of surgery to get rid of the disease.

Medicines are also free to the patients

Dr. Bode informed that the health department of the district has identified these five patients as well as about 40 patients suffering from hydrocele. Yesterday, a team of doctors operated on hydrocele disease of five of these patients. Along with this, one patient was also operated for hernia. All five patients are completely healthy. They have been kept in Kartala Hospital under health surveillance for about three days. Necessary medicines etc. are also being given free of cost to the patients.

People of more than 100 villages of Raigad will also be benefited

The CMHO said that along with these operations, the facility of operation of patients has also started in the Community Health Center located 30 km away from Korba. Now patients from more than 100 villages bordering Raigad district including Kartala block will not have to go to the district hospital or any private hospital for operation if needed. Along with this, patients living in poor and remote forests will not have to spend huge money for treatment.

High risk delivery can also be done

Dr Bode said that with the commissioning of the operation theater facility at the Community Health Center, Kartala, pregnant women with high risk of delivery would also be able to deliver successful institutional deliveries on time. Along with this, being situated on the Bilaspur Hati Raigad Highway, the facility of operation in this community health center of Kartala will prove to be life saving for the people injured in road accidents.

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