Korba News: Social interest of literature and important role in nation building

Korba (Rep. of New Zealand). The fortieth foundation day of Sanket Sahitya Samiti was celebrated among the litterateurs in two sessions at Pt Mukutdhar Sahitya Bhawan. Chief guest Rajkishore Prasad said that new consciousness and energy is transmitted through literature. Referring to the originators of Chhayavad, he appreciated the innovative contribution of Pt. Mukutdhar Pandey, as well as described the creativity of all the writers of Bhakti period, Veer Gatha period, Riti period and modern period as important for the society.

In the beginning of the program, the secretary of the committee Rakesh Khare Rakesh presented an account of the activities of forty years along with the welcome address. The topic of discussion in the first session was the role of Sahitya Samiti in the advancement and development of literature. Speaking on this topic, Dr. Manik Vishwakarma Navrang, founder and president of Sanket Sahitya Samiti said that literary committees play an important role in the welfare of society and nation building. They should be irrigated by forgetting mutual differences so that their existence remains intact and the new generation always gets guidance. Senior litterateurs Mo Yunus Daniyalpuri, Umesh Aggarwal and JP Srivastava, who were present as special guests on this occasion, also expressed their views. The first session was conducted by Mukesh Chaturvedi and the vote of thanks was performed by Dilip Agarwal. During the program, Mahavir Chandra presented the Goth of his work Gita to the chief guest. In the second session, interesting songs, gals, couplets, savaiyas and poems related to various subjects were presented by the writers of Korba. Among them Dr Manik Vishwakarma Navrang, Mo Yunus Daniyalpuri, Umesh Agarwal, JP Srivastava, Iqbal Ahmed Anjan, Mukesh Chaturvedi, Dilip Agarwal, Rakesh Khare, Mahavir Prasad Chandra, Chandrashekhar Sharma, Om Yadav, Ajay Sagar Gupta, Shivanand Srivastava, Jitendra Verma Khairjitia, Nirmal Raj, Banshilal Yadav, Balram Rathor, Santosh Kumar Miri, Rajkumar Soni, Shivkumar Sahu, Ramakant Srivas, Shani Pradhan, Deepak Singh Thakur, Geeta Vishwakarma, Santoshi Mahant Shraddha, Lata Chandra, Ramkali Kare, Veena Mistry, Anjana Singh Thakur, Kiran The names of Soni, Pooja Tiwari, Kaushalya Khurana and Vandana Khare are prominent. The second session was jointly conducted by Dilip Agarwal and Rakesh Khare and vote of thanks by Dr. Manik Vishwakarma Navrang.

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