Korba News: Security of rail section spread over 50 km on only 18 personnel of RPF

Korba (Rep. of New Zealand). Only 18 personnel of Railway Protection Force are responsible for the security within a radius of 50 km of Korba railway section extending from Balapur to Deepka. The region is most noted for loading and transporting coal, where the safety of railway assets is of paramount importance. In such a situation, it becomes imperative to make a meaningful effort to overcome the lack of force that has been felt here for a long time. With the approval of 25, at present only 18 including one inspector, one SI, two ASIs and constable-head constables are posted, which affects the exercise necessary for passenger safety in trains as well.

RPF Korba Post, which is carrying out the important responsibility of safety of railway property and passengers, has been facing shortage of personnel for a long time. Talking about the Korba outpost of RPF, the setup of 25 employees is approved here. But at present only 18 employees are available here. In such a situation, the post is facing many problems in discharging its functions. The department says that information about the present force strength and the capacity required for the work has been taken from the headquarters. By the end of this financial year, it is being said that the shortage of force visible in Korba Post will be removed. There is a section of about 50 km from Deepka to Balapur. This includes a siding area of ​​30 kms between Balapur to Korba and about 20 kms thereafter. Korba railway line starting from Balapur ends at Gevrarod station. Due to coal transport, most of the coal extractors from goods trains are more active in this area. Apart from this, it becomes even more necessary to have sufficient force for the responsibilities of safety of passengers and maintaining peace at the station in various passenger trains.

Problems for camping in central stations

Apart from Korba and Gevra Road, the remaining small stations and passenger halts fall in the middle section, which makes it difficult to keep an eye on the incidents due to lack of force. A jawan is always posted in Gevra Road, but camping is not done for other stations including Madwarani, Sargabundiya and Balapur under the middle section, where most of the incidents of chain pulling running without stoppage often come to the fore. Even after having a force of 18 in RPF Korba outpost, better efforts are being made to fulfill its responsibility. Even after the force is low, above average successes are being recorded in the level of detection.

Night patrolling and escorting in passenger trains

Chain pulling takes place in Link Express, for which regular monitoring is not done due to paucity of staff. It is being told that the need to replenish the force as soon as possible. Many trains operate from Korba and Gevra stations, due to which escorting is not done for the safety of the passengers. The department says that adequate number of women constables are available, in which there is no problem. At present, the need of male constables is high, so that night patrolling can be done in the railway area and ensuring availability of male personnel. In this way, the responsibility of security of the area can be fulfilled better and adequate arrangements can be made for the passengers.

Despite being a district, there is no GRP police station

Even after being a district, the need of GRP post or police station in Korba has not been fulfilled so far. In criminal incidents related to passengers, one is compelled to go round the GRP post and police station located in Champa and Bilaspur. Passengers are often troubled when they come to the fore in IPC and CrPC such as theft, chain snatching, robbery. Passengers arriving with such complaints are sent from RPF post to GRP Chowki Champa. After reaching Champa GRP post with his complaint, he is sent to Bilaspur GRP police station, so that first information report can be lodged there and then the investigation can start somewhere.

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