Konvičková’s great torment: THERE WAS NEVER BEEN

“I’ve been eating energy with chocolate and I’m the worst I’ve ever been,” she complained to Express. However, Konvičková is determined to fight for her character! But it will not be radical diets. Margaret goes for it!

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Markéta Konvičková: We coined the motto with the family, those who sleep little have a lot of experiences

“I have never been on any diets. I can eat anything, but I have to eat regularly, in smaller quantities and not squeeze food into each other in the evening. When I set the regimen and teach my stomach to take at least a little thing every three hours, I know I’ll be fine in a month, “she said.. He is said to support his efforts in the gym.

Markéta is known to be a big fan of bikram yoga, from which she unfortunately deviated a bit due to government regulations and the closure of fitness centers. “When the closures were, I sometimes practiced bikram yoga at home according to an online program. But at home on the carpet is missing the most important thing, the warmth! Because it pushes the limits. ” she explained, obviously pleased, when she entrusted little Amálka into the hands of her father or grandmother and locked her body.

Markéta Konvičková in the 7th month. The stroller chooses according to his wardrobe!

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