Kondagaon News: Due to lack of road, women and children have trouble in the rain

Kondagaon. Even if there is light rain, the villagers have to suffer a lot. Risking their lives in the rain, crossing the drain after a slippery, muddy trail, they are helpless to reach a pucca road, covering a distance of three km for their daily necessity or other work.

This is the condition of Kodobhat Bannupara, a dependent village of Baderajpur. By the way, till date the biggest obstacle to development in Bastar is considered to be Naxalites. Whereas the reality is that this para is in the middle of Baderajpur block and there is no Naxalite problem or Naxalite activity here. Yet till date, the villagers have not been able to get even the basic facilities like basic roads.

Kodobhat Bannupara has a population of around 400. Ironically, on the one hand, the whole country is celebrating the 75th year of independence as Amrit Mahotsav and the implementation agency of this Amrit Mahotsav is the Prime Minister Rural Roads Department itself. On the other hand, till date this village does not have any luck even on the road. Neither this department is aware of the problems of the villagers, neither the government administration nor the panchayat department, in this regard, the villagers said that in every panchayat, assembly and Lok Sabha elections, the people’s representatives who make promises with their hands and feet. After victory, you forget to take care of this mercury. This sequence has been going on for seven decades.

Many times the villagers have informed the government, administration, gram sabha and public representatives regarding the demand of the road, yet till date no one has paid attention to their problem. Villagers said that neither a four wheeler vehicle is able to reach in the rainy season nor a vehicle with essential services of the health department like 102 or 108 can reach the Sanjeevani vehicle. The villagers forced by the situation, after transporting the serious patient to the neighboring village Khajravand or Sonpur by their own bike or cycle, three km away, they take them to the hospital by four wheelers.

Villagers Hemlal, Dinesh, Chaitu, Tularam, Baldev, Dayaram etc. told that they have demanded from the administration that the facility of pucca road should be provided by connecting village Kodobhat Bannupara with the main road so that this village can also join the race for development.

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