Koh Lanta, The Legend: Ugo annoys Claude by winning the immunity test, he reacts

If in the last episode of Koh Lanta, The Legend, Internet users reacted to Loïc’s tears, they also commented on the immunity test … Just before it took place, Claude and Laurent had the objective of win, despite their immunity collar. The goal being that Ugo does not win the totem pole in order to eliminate it. For this event, the candidates faced each other on a course where balance was in the spotlight. Laurent then found himself in the final against Ugo. But losing narrowly, Laurent gave immunity to his comrade. And instantly, Claude showed his annoyance!

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Claude – Credit (s): Instagram claude_kohlanta

Claude’s behavior in the face of Laurent’s defeat made Ugo react to our colleagues at TV Mag. He declares : “It’s logical! Claude loves this event too and he would have liked to fight more but he missed it. We have known it from the start, he gets along very well with Laurent whom he would have liked to see win. I’m happy to be the grain of sand in the mechanics. I’ve come a long way, I have nothing to lose and if I can cover things up and annoy the other adventurers a bit, I love it “.

And it’s true that Ugo has come a long way … He was eliminated at the first council and he managed to re-enter the adventure thanks to all the duels he won on the island of the banished.. And since then, he has already won the immunity totem 3 times … He is therefore a strong competitor for adventurers! In addition, know that Coumba revealed to have been at worst after the insults he received on the web.

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