Koh Lanta, The Legend: The residence of the final jury never revealed, we finally know why

In the last episode of Koh Lanta, The Legend, Loïc was eliminated and his tears caused great emotion on social networks. And since the start of reunification, Internet users have noticed that the residence of the final jury has never been shown in the episodes. Normally at the beginning of each episode, we discover the arrival of the last person eliminated on this new camp. But this year, none of that! Our colleagues from Télé Loisirs then asked for explanations on the production of Koh Lanta. And just below, we explain everything about this story …

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This year, we focused on what was happening in the game.

Koh Lanta, La Légende – Credit (s): https://www.instagram.com/kohlantatf1/

“This year, we focused on what was happening in the game (…) With the arrival on the island of the banished and in the arena. An adventurer who left the Council does not immediately join the jury final this season. He goes to the island of the banished. So this is the story that we decided to tell “, explained the production.

Afterward, they revealed what was going on on the final jury camp, stating: “In this residence, they have access to their personal belongings which they have prepared at the same time as their bag before departure (…) Otherwise, we provide them with books, but also board games and screens. They can also play sports or go to the beach. Those who make up the final jury are still part of the game, since they participate in the final council. Without forgetting the vote which will designate the winner “. Speaking of Koh Lanta, know that a special program for the 20 years of the program is in preparation.

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